Thursday, June 8

Summer is definately here in Northern Ontario, and I couldn't be happier! We've been out and about alot this past week...hence the lack of blogging, but I did manage to accomplish a bit of knitting. The thong socks are done courtesy of a couple of hours at my son's baseball games this week( a picture will come once my BIL tries them on), and I have gotten a lot of other little things done too...of course I can't show that. I do have some pics of my BIL's graduation from teacher's college. We are all so proud of him! He is moving away in August though, which makes us a little sad. I, however, am quite excited at the prospect , because that will mean more trips to the GTA since he's moving to Barrie. Woo hoo! yarn stores! I should explain that last comment. We only have one LYS here in Sudbury and it is tiny, and full of acrylic. YUCK! I shop alot online. Unfortunately this post is anything but interesting, so, I'll entertain you with some pictures of people you have never met!

Derek and his diploma Shane "on deck" first game of the year.

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Donna said...

KUDOS to Derek on his graduation!!!!!!! And good luck to Shane this season!!!! ("Shane" is my sons name too!)