Friday, June 16

As Promised..

Here are a couple of photos if the thong socks I knit for my BIL. The picture quality isn't the greatest since I took them when I was half co-herent at 1:30 am during our weekly poker night. They turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.. I adapted er...changed just about everything in the pattern, since I didn't like the shape of the toes in Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook. In the end he was thrilled with them. I have also been working a little on my snowdrop shawl, as well as doing ALOT of "required knitting". The countdown is on, until school ends.....4 kids...all the time...eating everything in the fridge...begging for something to do....whining mommmm Shane just hit me......mommmm......Josh is copying everything I say.........AHHHH Summer Break, a secret plot to teach moms about patience.

Ok.. so this last one has nothing to do with knitting, but I thought it was hilarious that it looks like the dealer is picking our buddy Rico's nose. The socks(bottom centre) thought it was funny too. I won this particular game by the way. as a means to buy more yarn. I think I'm onto something.


Orris said...

Piffle, my dear. Summer Break is to give us teachers a break from "Smack! MIiiiiiiisss He hit me! Miiiiiiisssss I don't have a pencil, pen, binder, paper, it's in my locker, k'y go to the bathroom, I lost my copy, you didn't tell us it was due, I had a doctor's appointment, I'm not late, my mom knows I missed the test...."
4 kids. Hmmm. Trade you for my 90?
*grins* On the plus side, summer means more time to knit

Donna said...

OMG! Sarah is a SHOO-BEE!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!! LOL! I razz Isabelle all the time about being a shoo-bee! You guys really need to organize a support group; your habit is just so wrong!!!!!!

definition: Shoo-Bee---A person who wears SOCKS WITH SANDALS! Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! LOL, LOL!