Saturday, March 4

This week has been awesome!

Funny how things in life work out. This week as been full of stuff that I wish I could talk about ( but can't just yet). There are a couple of neato things going on that I can. For those of you that have scoured my sidebar, and know my blog well, you may have noticed a Come Visit My Store link. Yes a store! All of the items here are completely original, and designed by me. Wait...Here's the best part...10% of all sales at my store are going to a new charity I am spearheading. " Cathy's Wish" .

Cathy was a brilliant, selfless, loving, beautiful 30 year old when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her husband and mine grew up together, and are still very close friends. Being newlyweds, they were extremely anxious to start a family, despite some "female problems" Cathy was experiencing. 2 summers ago Cathy and her hubby came over for a bonfire and BBQ at our place, and they excitedly let us know they were getting ready to start a family as soon as she saw her doctor and got the green light. About 3 months later, after having cysts remove from her ovaries (and doctors not even suspecting any permanent damage, Cathy got very ill. She was rushed to the hospital (the same day I brought my daughter home after giving birth)and had every test in the book run. The next day would devastate everyone who surrounded her, this beautiful soul. She had Cancer. Not just cancer, but cancer in her spleen pancreas and liver. Doctors gave her 2-5 months.
Now how do you go from vibrant happy go lucky newlywed, ready to start a family, to 2-5 months to live in 1 week flat? Funny thing is, Cathy never complained, never made herself feel like she was burdening anyone. "I'm just going to fight as hard as I can, and take one day at a time"she said. That is exactly what she did. She never missed chemo, refused to wear a wig when her hair first fell out, continued to shop, and take care of her husband. Even when things got really bad, and the doctor's told the family to convince her to stop chemo, she kept going.
A group of people at work (she also worked with me) got together with her family, and decided that if Cathy was going to go, we could do something to make her happy, and feel free just for one last time.
We sent her and her husband to Vegas to see her idol Celine Dion in Concert. Celine met with her for a half hour before the show.
" It was AMAZING!!" she squealed to me on the phone once they got back. "Celine was so nice!". " We couldn't go outside too much because of the drugs I'm on, but that's OK it was perfect anyways,"she said. This trip was more than just a trip. It was the last time she and her husband would be "alone", the last vacation she would take, and the last bit of normalcy she could wish for.
Cathy died September 23 2005. And I can't think of a better way to remember her.
Her brother in law got to thinking...there aren't any charities around to grant wishes to young people (ages 20-40)who are in their last days. The impact of granting these wishes is so real. I've experienced it first hand. Having something good to remember when things get really bad is worth every penny one could spare.
So here we are, trying to establish something good, while at the same time, offering some really cool stuff. I hope you get the chance to drop by.
We are still in the tweaking stage, and will have even more cool knitterly stuff to offer soon. Treat you secret pal, treat yourself!


Secret Pal said...

The baby bib that says Mom is packing Addi's is sooooo cute!

The story of your friend's courage is very touching. You seem so blessed to have known her.

Shannon said...

Such a touching story, so sad and so scarey. So many of us have been touched by cancer now, so many of us have lost friends and loved ones. How lovely of you to try and make peoples last wishes come true. All the best of luck with your cause.
From BusyKnitting

JustApril said...

What a great tribute to a lovely person! I'm gonna check out your store =)