Saturday, March 11

Secret Pal Strikes Again!!

As I opened my package yesterday, my 5 yr old said to me " mommy...who's that from?" "My secret pal!" I said. " Wow mommy you have the bestest secret pal in the whole world! Papa doesn't even buy you presents like that!" My heart just about melted! From the mouths of babes! Kids don't lie. I truly do have the "bestest" secret pal. I swear you can read my mind! I was just the other day craving some lace, and I had no clue what I was going to work on. Descision made! The Adamas shawl it shall be. I love this pattern. And I adore the Knit Picks shadow. The colour is soooo perfect for me! I can't wait to wrap myself up in it when we sit around the fire (which we do every weekend around here). As I type this I am stuffing my mouth with those awesome jelly belly chocolate good! I've had their jelly beans many times, but I had never spotted these yummies. I'm addicted! Tommorow is my Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy night to myself, so that luscious smelling candle will be lit while I knit and veg in my chair. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
Man...I never thought secret pal could be so much fun! You have me stumped though pally pal....I have no clue where you're from, cause every time I get a package or card you put my address in the return address spot (sneaky....very sneaky...) Can't wait to find out who you are so I can properly thank you.
Soooo....without further's the photo. I'm off to cast off my jaywalkers, and cast on that shawl.


Secret Pal said...

I'm glad it's a hit! Aren't those chocolate jelly beans a hoot? I love those things!

Donna said...

Hi Sarah!!!! SUch a lucky recipient you are huh? I haven't gotten anything from my pal except 2 cards, she said she is going to send me 1 package at the end. Those jelly-belly chocolately things sound delicious!

Necia said...

Wow, your secret pal rocks. I gotta tell you, I think MY secret pal is the best too! So this shawl you making, is it gonna be for you, or are you gonna gift it? I sure hope it's for you!