Sunday, February 20

Moving right along

Getting some stuff done this weekend, only one arm left on the cabled sweater from HE double hockey sticks! I should have worked both arms at the same time. Now I know better. I just wasn't sure if they would both fit on the needles together. Now I know that they will. WAAAAA! I still don't have my digital camera back yet. That especially sucks since I have completed a bunch of stuff that I can't post pics for yet. I think I'll walk over there later today and scoop it back. I finished one Think pink project( the felted baby backpack) a pair of felted baby ballet slippers to match, and some cashmere socks. I promise that the moment I get a hold of my camera I'll have a photo shoot.

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blufelicia said...

Hey, Stickchicky!!

bluFelicia here from the uKnitted Nations webring. Sorry to contact this way, but your contact information keeps bouncing back to me as invalid.

Please log into the RingSurf management and correct your url path back to your blog, as well as the ring code.

Thanks, and thanks for joining!