Monday, February 14

Booga Bag

So last night I got tired of knitting my DH's cabled sweater and decided I should cast on yet another project. I have to admit I have been ripping through my UFO's lately and I only have 3 things on the needles at the moment (pretty darn good for me!) So... I felt I deserved a fun project to take me away from the evil cabled sweater that is beginning to bore me. The Booga Bag was it. I had some yummy pumpkin , chocolate, and raspberry colored peruvian chunky calling my name, and I felt the need to beat a project into felted submission. I cast on at 9pm and now it's done! It's drying as I type this. I have to tell ya this is a really fun project to knit. It went really quick, and has impressive results at the end. Glad I did it. So now back to the evil cabled thing in my basket. Oh yeah, The Think Pink KAL started yesterday and I've decided on two things, the Bernat Softee Baby jacket, and a felted tri-color backpack that will be designed by me to lug around my little Abby's baby stuffies. I'll keep y'all posted on the progress. Hope to have some pics up of the Booga bag as soon as it dries. Nighty night.

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