Tuesday, April 13

Spring Fling Baby!!

Well hello there! Funny how a resolve to blog more turns into a month and a half with no post! Anyways, I thought I'd quickly check in to say hi, and express HOW AMAZINGLY EXITED I AM THAT IT'S APRIL AND ALMOST SPRING FLING TIME!!!! Only 9 days and I'm off again on a fantastic yarn adventure! Lots of knitting has been going on (one project that I can't really talk about too much since it's a gift for my Janet at the fling). I'm preparing what will go into the project bags, class supplies for a class with my imaginary knitting boyfriend Jared Flood! Yep that's right..I get to knit with the B r o o k l y n t w e e d!
Further to my last post, I had mentioned a trip to Dominican with my mom, well Dominican Republic turned into Cuba because the company we booked the trip with went belly up three or four days before our trip. We ended up re-booking with another company and going to Cayo Coco Cuba. It was amazing!

The scenery was beautiful.
Oh and one more thing...you have to go watch Laura and Leslie's new knitting video-cast theknitgirllls. They are all kinds of awesome!


Ruinwen said...

Wow! What an upbeat and happy post. That is so cool that you get to knit with Jared Flood! I love his patterns! :)

LaLa said...

You are all kinda of awesome!