Wednesday, April 14

Must be a record or something!

Today has been a lazy day, I love those days, where nothing much is on the agenda, and I can play it by ear. I didn't mention in my last post that I recently purchased a new camera. It's been great fun learning the ins and outs. Everything in my path is getting documented! Here's a few of my favorite photos of late...(and certainly not because of the quality, just because they are fun!)

I've been sewing more box bags so I have places to carry all of my projects for the Fling. I'm really digging the butterfly one!

Recent shipment of Vesper yarn!

Crazy fun knit night last week where we had a stash trade/sale. ( I was the lucky girl who walked away with the Wollmeise!

And my favorite thing of all...dessert tonight was strawberries and cream. Yumm!


Ruinwen said...

Those bags are really lovely! The Vesper colorways are georgous! The sale looks like it was fun...and who can resist strawberries in cream? *hugs* :)

Elizabeth said...

Those are some really nice bags! You should bring them tonight at knit night so that we can ogle at them! Are they a pattern from somewhere or did they come from your head?

Gebreidesjaals said...

Very interesting !I learn about a new yarn! Iam looking for this The Vesper yarn now.