Wednesday, June 13

Kitty Newsflash!

Two posts in one day I know, but remember my sad kitty story? Remember how there were three kittens, and the momma came and took one but left the other two? Well disappearing kitten # 3 has returned! And big n' fluffy n' cute as can be. I walked into my garage tonight to grab some ice cream from the freezer, and I heard a kitten crying. Thinking I was losing my mind, I walked out and closed the door. 2 minutes later I went back in and I heard it again! Marc was in the pool with the boys, and I had to wait for him to come back cause I thought it was up in the rafters. We went for a little hunt in the garage to find little plump kitty # 3 under our shelves.
Now here's my dilemma, I really want to take him in, but his momma has obviously been feeding him. I'm sure she's around wondering what I've done with her baby. But, on the flip side, chances are he would just end up being another stray cat in the neighborhood. He needs a home right? What to do? Oh and the contest...I still want to have it, but since I only have three entries I think I'll let it go till the end of the month. That way we can see how the kitten saga will end. Sorry to those of you who have given their suggestions already, there is still one I'm VERY fond of. As it stands now, he's been fed some water, and has a nice warm fleece lined box to sleep in on my front porch. I really kinda hope he's still there in the morning.
Such drama on a Wednesday night!


Ruinwen said...

That is wonderful news about the kitten! I'm so happy for your feline discovery! :)

jae said...

My mom took in a stray cat and it worked out well. Bob (the cat) would come in and eat a little, sleep a lot during the day. Then he would go out and roam at night. Best of both worlds, my mom said. I hope it works out!

Annie said...

If you want a kitty and he is old enough to eat on his own, I say go for it. Both of my cats were strays and were lovely, loving indoor cats for many (read that Many, like 20) years. His life will be lots better with a loving family than out in the neighborhood. Good luck.

Vanessa said...

I would take him in. I recently lost two of my cats both were will at different times, one was 14 yrs old the other 2 yrs old. I waited six months before I got another one from the Animal Protective Foundation. Chloe is our little Calico - now 10 months old and I just love her to pieces. Wish I hadn't waited so long but then again I wouldn't have Chloe. Go for it!