Sunday, May 27

Mama and babies are doing fine..

Well, it seems mama kitty came back and took the thriving kitten of the litter, and abandoned the other two for me to look after. They are precious, and I think have already identified me as mama the food giver. I went to the vet and bought some kitten milk replacement formula for them, and I have been bottle feeding them for the last two days. One eats better than the other, but they are both coming along. I also learned that you have to help them "evacuate" their bladders and intestines manually. FUN STUFF going on here chez Stickchicky. Mr.Man finally caved and said I could keep them if I wanted. YAY! I have really missed having pets since we've been together.(He never once had a pet as a child).

He battled hard on the subject, but eventually the queen of the castle won.

Aren't they just precious?
Now knit blog world, I need some name suggestions! The grey one is male, and the white and grey spotty one is female. Any ideas? Hmmm..lets make this a contest!
I'll pick something lovely out of my ever growing stash and give it to the winner(s) who suggest my favorite names. Just leave me a comment before midnight June 5th, and I'll enter you in the draw!
On another note of pure joy, I have completed Icarus II that I was kniting as a gift for a co-worker getting married this July. She is wearing it with her wedding gown!
It turned out better than I had hoped.

I knit it with some 70% silk/30% cashmere laceweight held double from Colourmart ( a fantastic seller on E-Bay) on 3.75 mm needles. I started in February, and finished last week.
This laceweight was extremely fine so rather than attempt this with thread, I doubled it. It is so soft, and has such a wonderful drape and shine! I am 100% thrilled. Now I need one for me!


cecily said...

SO jealous, both on the part of the two adorable kittens...AND the Icarus.


Jae said...

I have been wanting to knit icarus forever and other knits keep getting in the way. Yours looks great! As for the kittens, let's see... Cashmere and Silk? ;)

Ruinwen said...

Inky and Spot?

The kittens are adorable...I'm so glad you get to keep them! :)

Icarus is stunning...she is one lucky bride! :)

Stitchy Fingers said...

Icarus is so pretty. If you're taking international entries what about Licorice and Gumdrop?