Thursday, April 19

So Much to say..Too Little Time

I have had a really hard couple of weeks at work, and to be honest I'm totally drained, but now, I have seven days off, and it feels FANTASTIC! I really have slacked on blogging, but when a million things are pulling you a million directions, some things get left on the side lines. Now that I have some time off, and the weather has finally improved to more spring-like conditions, I finally feel a little rejuvenated. Gathering Intentions is Done(all except for the I cord ties) and it fits pretty well, considering I have a slightly warped notion that a regular large still fits me. It came out just a touch shorter than I had hoped, but I think another wet block may fix that problem. The only modifications I made were the collar( I didn't want it quite as close to my chin as the model) and the sleeve tie has a cable all the way to the cuff cause I really screwed up when I thought it would be a good idea to do both sleeves at once. Reading directions BEFORE you start really is a good plan. Turns out the left sleeve was to have st st for the first cable repeat to make room for the i-cord ties, but dumb- ass me, in a hurry to finish this baby started both sleeves at the same time, and knit them both exactly the same. DUH. I will jimmy something up, and no-one will be the wiser. The shots I took today are not the finest quality, but once I do another blocking, I'll have the man do a photo shoot .
I'll call this one...99% done sweater on a kitchen table

I have also started a new project with my most prized of stash ( 1 skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk).
I just received Victorian Lace Today in the mail this week, and it was just the inspiration I needed to finally cast on with this yarn that I am completely in love with.

The colours are the most beautiful gold, sea foam green, copper, wine, sage all combined in the perfect way . The picture doesn't really do it justice, but it was as close as I could get. It is so soft I would swim in it. Some people have commented that it has a weird smell, but I haven't noticed any odor at all. I won't give away which pattern I'm doing until I decide if it will work or not, but I can say it is destined to become a scarf/wrap for my SIL's wedding next fall. I am standing in her wedding, and her colours will be gold and copper, so I think this will be the perfect fit for my cold shoulders in September. Speaking of this wedding, I have come to the realization that I have just gotten way too fat. So I am challenging myself to lose 25 lbs before September. It's been a while since I've stood in a wedding, and I certainly don't want to be remembered as the "Fat Bridesmaid". I've never been one to really diet, but my plan is to cut out white stuff ( breads flours, pasta sugar) drink tons of water, and get out for some form of exercise each day.
Oh and before I forget, go check out this blog. Some really great Karma going on there, and one of my favorite bloggers is one of the blog moms. Cool chicks I tell ya, Cool chicks.


Ruinwen said...

Glad you got some times off. Everyone needs to recharge now and then. The sweater on the table is really lovely! And that copper/gold yarn is spectacular...can't wait to se what you make out of it! :)

Karen said...

Hey, you're back! :-) Gorgeous sweater and I have Sea Silk in my stash, too.

Erica said...

Your Gathering Intentions looks fabulous! I'd love to see it on you. :)