Monday, December 3

I have cast-on-itis

You would think with Christmas coming, and all I have going on in my life, I would just hurry up and finish what I already have on the needles, but I JUST CANT HELP MYSELF. I've been inundated with fabulous pattern after pattern luring me in this week.
Here we have Henry :

453 stitches off the go man. I'm serious. You screw this up once you have a heck of a lot of ripping back to do (ask me how I know this).
But the pattern? SO MUCH FUN! Great TV knitting once you memorize the pattern. I do need to have the lights on for this one though. Every now and then it's a good idea to stop and check to make sure you haven't buggered up the pattern mid-way through the row.

I also cast on a pair of these:

Mittens from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's almanac. I adore these, and foresee a few pair in my future. These particular ones are going to an 11 year old girl as part of a Christmas charity hamper we are putting together at work for a needy family of 8. This girl is the oldest of 6 children, and I thought she deserved a special treat.
There are also mystery projects going on that I can't post about yet.
I still can't figure out where I caught this damn cast-on-itis.


Danielle said...

Yummy mittens! I adore her patterns. Start-itis is around here too. But its so fun to start something new.

Ruinwen said...

Those mitts are absolutely beautiful! :)

Gotta Knit! said...

Oh that Henry is going to be gorgeous! I find that when I have a LOT OF STITCHES on my cables if I put stitch markers every 10 to 20 stitches it makes not making a mistake easier. Also if you do make a mistake, you only have a few stitches to unknit.