Tuesday, December 5

Looking Up

After my fiasco of a week last week, things are finally looking up. There are some wonderful people in this world, and for you, I wish to say thank you. There have been several little acts of kindness bestowed upon me in the last couple of days. I have an angel in Nova Scotia, who is sending me a much anticipated scarf for the ISE3 exchange. And my wonderful former Secret Pal spoiler Jae offered to save my sorry butt with some Bernat Softee Chunky. Luckily she didn't have to, since I was able to get my mom to track some down, but just the offer was enough to lift my spirits. That girl is a gem I tell ya. My whining last post wasn't intended to make anyone feel sorry for me, I was just venting some frustration. This week is much better. Sweaters are being knit, and socks are getting their mates. For some reason I feel like I'm accomplishing alot. I have this sudden urge to tie up all of my loose ends before the new year. Very productive thinking gives very productive results I guess.
There was one other incident last week I forgot to tel you all about. It was so shocking at the moment it happened I didn't know what to say. Now it sounds funny, but at the time it was infuriating.
Sunday I decided to cook a nice big roasted chicken , some nice creamy mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, and a scrumptious pumpkin banana torte for supper. It was just starting to smell good, when I opened the oven to baste the chicken,( cause y'all know how nasty dry chicken tastes) and I dipped the baster in the drippings and poured some over the chicken. All of a sudden I herd a big crack then a POP! My glass pyrex baking dish exploded everywhere and shot glass all over the kitchen and everywhere inside the oven. Kaeleb was sitting in his highchair watching it all happen, and was laughing hysterically. Little did he know that it could have turned out much differently had a shard of glass hit him. Not sure what I was thinking, but I immediately pulled out the camera and started taking pictures. I wanted Pyrex to see what their stupid baking dish did to my delicious, well deserved dinner. In the end I got it all cleaned up, and managed to cook the chicken ( well washed and scoured for shards of glass of course) the rest of the time in my little convection oven. Not quite the same, but it still tasted good.
The dessert never got made, (I was exausted at this point) but we had a great meal in the end.
Here's a photo of the chicken in the oven just after it exploded..

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Jae said...

Oh, you are so lucky that the chicken is the only thing that suffered!!

I'm glad that your mom was able to help you out. Your words are too kind. I'm just as grateful that I've gotten to know you as well. :)