Sunday, February 12

Olympic Knitting has Commenced!

Here's where I'm at so far:
I'm coming along quite nicely. (I might actually finish on time!
I hear ya cheering Pal! It's working! If I can just get through all the bobbles (which I hate knitting) and all the cables without having to rip back 3 times again, this thing looks do-able! Can you believe this is for a 12 month old though? It seems a bit large to me, but when I swatched for the 3 yr old size it was coming out gargantuan, so I decided on the smallest size. I think if I finish early, I may add some pearl beads between the bobbles and cables as well as on the cuffs. My Olympic knitting is hollering at me to get back to my chair so I better jet!
Happy Olympic knitting folks!


Secret Pal said...

Wow! You are cruising right along! I'm so impressed that you have taken this challenge. You are definitely in the running for a gold medal. :)

Donna said...

WOWWWW Sarah!!!!!I LOVE this pattern!!!! You are moving right along on this! The color is pretty!

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, you're sure coming along nicely, great work done! The pattern is absolutely beautiful! Best wishes from Austria!

Rain said...

It looks very pretty so far.

Debbie Bliss is notorious for her oversizing, so it's easier to go from the chest sizing not the age.