Wednesday, April 6

Neglectful Me

Well unfortunately I've been so sick the last few days, and exausted beyond belief that I have really neglected blogging, and knitting alike. It is everything for me to drag my sorry butt out of bed this week. But.. in a moment of periodic wellness here I am. Still alive and kicking. The guesses have been rolling in for my little contest, and I'm finding it a hoot to read all of them. So far the concencus has leaned strongly towards a boy........I guess we'll see!! I'm just as anxious to find out myself. I do however have a closer idea as to the due date, but I'll keep that a secret for just a little longer until I get my ultrasound. It's looking like it will be about the first week of May or so. I'll keep y'all posted. I did manage to start a baby blanket this week, but only managed a few rows because knitting is still making me nautious. GASP! The Clapotis has been sitting for a week or so, but I hope to pick it up again in the next couple of days. I have come up with a couple of cool prizes for the contest winner one of which is a set of handmade 10k goldplate stitch markers, as well as some yummy stash from knitpicks. Hope you all had a great weekend. Everyone knit a row or two for me...I hope this sickness subsides soon...I don't know how long I can handle not knitting. Happy Wednesday!!!

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Ruinwen said...

Sorry you're sick. Tell you what I will sit outside today and not only knit a few rows for you but send you singing birds and fragrent blooming flowers.

Get better soon!